Winning Stratego

The board game Stratego was first produced in 1961, by the Milton Bradley Company. Since playing this game as a child, I have developed a set of strategies that help me win most of the games I play against many different players. Compiled on this site are the rules, strategies and smart board setups you can use to defeat opponents.
(Pronouced STRA-TEE-GO)


The STRATEGO game is the American version of the game popular on the Continent. While the pieces have military designs and are maneuvered across the gameboard, it is not a war game.

The STRATEGO game is fast moving, easy to learn, and delightful to play and provides a never-ending variety of ways to outwit your opponent. The coloful playing pieces are marked according to military rank which are kept hidden from the oppoent as they are placed and moved across the board to capture your opponent's FLAG. The rank of the piece is revealed only when an opposing piece is struck or attacked. The higher ranked piece removes the lesser rank. There are Bombs which "blow-up" and remove any attacking piece except the Miner who can dismantle and remove the Bomb. Even the Marshal, the highest-ranking piece, has a weakness, in that the lowly spy can remove him from the game.

The exciting elaments of skillful planning, clever deception, memory and suspense make the STRATEGO game thoroughly delightful.